Meeting 2013/03/09


Saturday, 9th of March, 2013, starting from around 10:00


Praekelt have offered to host us.


  • Work on improving the  PyConZA 2013 web site
    • Make the code easier to use for other conferences (split out theming, etc)
    • Add support for editing talk submissions.
    • Add support for editing and arranging the schedule via Django admin.
    • Better invoice management
      • Invoices should be a separate table.
      • Invoices should be creatable in Django admin.
      • Allow multiple invoices per person.
      • Allow multiple people per invoice.
      • Allow cancelling (but not deletion) of invoices.
    • Support for adding news (and other templated pages) via Django admin.
    • Support for adding and editing sponsors via Django admin.
    • Maybe add some cool visualizations with  d3:
      • Number of people signed up in various categories.
      • Places remaining.
      • Sponsorship slots remaining.
      • Days until various deadlines.
    • Other improvements
  • There will also be some general discussion and planning for PyConZA 2013.

Project plan for website update

  • Start from the current code base (minus any sensitive data and PyConZA 2012 specific things).
  • Fork a new generic version copyright Unomena and individual contributors.
  • Pick a license -- BSD? GPL?
  • Get people from CTPUG to hack on it.
  • Create a nice splash page for the project with Unomena and CTPUG logos on it.
  • Include thanks to Unomena in the default templates.
  • Advertise the new project at PyCon? US 2013.

Code repository

The project, named  wafer, is on github

Next Meeting date

The next meeting will be 20th of April, 2013